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Andrews Solicitors specialise in all areas of immigration and human rights law, for all kinds of commercial enterprises and for individuals.

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Andrews Solicitors Immigration lawyers Paisley are specialist immigration lawyers, situated in the heart of PaisleyAndrews Solicitors are experienced immigration lawyers, and have expertise in a number of areas of immigration law including all aspects of the new Points Based System which covers the new Tier 1 (General) system, which was previously known as HSMP, and how to get a UK Work Permit under the new Points Based Tier 2 System as well as Student applications. Our Immigration lawyers have extensive experience in making Marriage, Civil Partnership, Asylum and Human Rightsapplications (in particular Article 8; the right to private and family life, and Article 3; protection against inhumane and degrading treatment). Our field of expertise also covers European Union legislation.

Andrews Solicitors have years of experience in handling various types of immigration applications. We can help in bring a relative to the United Kingdom, for example a parent or grandparent, as your dependant, Andrews immigration solicitors will help you to ensure that you comply with all of the Home Office and immigration law criteria. Our Immigration team deal daily with the rights of EU nationals and non EU nationals.

Andrews Immigration Solicitors take pride in being a professional friendly firm.Our diverse team of Immigration Solicitors are here to help and give legal advice. If you are not sure what category of immigration law applies to you, but are seeking advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact our immigration solicitors and specialist team now if you require advice on any immigration matter. A member of our immigration team will be happy to assist you.